Our Services

TMI has an experienced team that dedicates themselves to exceptional land surveying services throughout Whidbey Island, including boundary line adjustments, boundary line corrections, short and long plats, topographic and boundary surveys, construction stakeouts and FEMA Elevation Certification. If you are interested in working with us, just send us an email with your name, parcel number and/or parcel address, and the specific service that you need. Click here to request a proposal.

Boundary Line Adjustment

A boundary line adjustment is used to adjust a boundary of two or more properties.

Boundary Line Correction

If there is a defect in legal descriptions, or if boundary lines turn out to be overlapping, TMI can perform a boundary line correction. A boundary line correction is an adjustment of boundaries between two or more properties.

FEMA Elevation Certificate

If a person builds on waterfront property that is designated as a flood zone, they must
obtain a FEMA elevation certificate. FEMA requires you to have flood insurance. TMI issues many FEMA elevation certificates on existing structures.

Platting & Application

Short plats are to subdivide a lot into 2 to 4 lots. Long plats are to subdivide a lot into 5 or
more plats.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys, considered design surveys, are utilized by engineers and architects
enable to design a building’s infrastructure and construction.

Boundary Surveys

TMI utilizes boundary surveys to survey lots and/or acreage.

Construction Stakeout

After an architect or engineer designs a building, TMI stakes the property, making the
contractor aware of the boundaries before the building gets built.

Miscellaneous Services

Includes land use issues with Island County And other Whidbey Island Land Surveying Issues.