• New FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps In Effect as of 3/7/17

    FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) put new FIRMs (Flood Insurance Rate Maps) into effect on March 7, 2017. These new maps affect all Whidbey Island waterfront properties and may impact your flood insurance rates.

    Contact us today to see if you are affected by these new maps.

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  • Our Services

    TMI specializes in boundary line adjustments, boundary line corrections, short and long plats, topographic and boundary surveys, construction stakeouts and FEMA Elevation Certification.

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  • We Find Solutions to Our Clients Problems

    Whatever the unique challenges that your survey requirements present, our team of ethical professionals will find a beneficial solution.

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TMI land surveying | a premier land surveyor on Whidbey islandHiring a Land Surveyor…

is something that most people don’t have to do more than once or twice in their lifetime, so they often don’t know what qualifications to look for in the professional that they are seeking to partner with. There are some basics to consider when hiring any type of service firm, but especially a land surveyor. Are they easy to communicate with? Do they seem to care about your needs and want to answer any questions that you may have? TMI recognizes that open and clear communication with clients is an absolute must. Just as important is a background in dealing with the unique terrain surrounding the geographic area where a project is located. We have countless case studies on all of Whidbey Island, WA, and Fidalgo Island, WA to back up our expertise successfully serving clients in this region.


We approach every project with a thorough understanding of our clients needs for timelines, accuracy, and confidentiality.


TMI has an experienced team that dedicates themselves to exceptional land surveying services throughout Whidbey Island.


With our dedication to the surveying profession we know we will succeed in providing valuable services that benefit our clients.

Mission Statement

  • To safeguard life, health, property and to promote the public welfare.
  • To ethically provide quality surveying services, on time, and within budget.
  • To develop creative, innovative, and cost-effective solutions.
  • To act as a valuable resource to our clients in their day-to-day needs.
  • To build a favorable reputation with our clients and in the Community we serve.
  • To accomplish our mission in an enjoyable environment for our clients and employees.
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